Why is Bogotá a great city to live in?

Bogotá is the fascinating capital of Colombia and represents more than a political and economical center. The city is full of cultural landmarks, life and plans for the future. A bustling city of over 7 million people, Bogotá is considered to be one of the highest capitals in the world and its strategic position makes it a great city not only for Colombia but for the whole Latin America region. Bogotá is inspiring other cities to innovate, live life to the fullest and adapt during difficult times.

The city prides itself on culture, deep historic roots, unique views, great infrastructure and welcoming people. For those who love to dance, hike, enjoy art and wish to settle in a city full of life and a bright future, here are the top reasons why you should choose Bogotá.

Transportation: How to get around Bogotá?

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From bike paths to tramways, bus rapid transit and airway travel, Bogotá has it all. The Bike Infrastructure in Bogotá is Colombia’s best amounting to 550 kilometers of cycle lanes. The Ciclovía network keeps expanding, setting a model of sustainable transport for the hundred of people who use it daily. Another impressive transport option in Bogotá is the TransMilenio: a rapid bus system that comes to meet the transportation needs of a growing metropolis and that is set up to cover the whole city by 2030.

For national and international connectivity, the El Dorado International Airport provides 48% of total domestic flights in Colombia and is also an air cargo hub according to the U.S Commercial Service. The El Dorado Airport facilitates flights to dozens of Colombian cities, to Latin America, Europe and the US making Bogotá a preferred destination for both business and tourism.

Bogotá’s Landmarks and Culture

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For some unique and unforgettable views, Bogotá offers a visit to the underground Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá, a hike on Cerro Monserrate for a view of the city or admiring Museo Botero, the home of Colombia’s best artworks. The city is home to over 58 museums, 62 art galleries and a great number of theatres giving people a wide variety of choices to spend their free time.

Walking in the historic center of the city is a great way to experiment with the culture and the spirit of Bogotá by taking in the street art or by stumbling upon the Plaza de Mercado de Paloquemao.

Nightlife, Events and Restaurants

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The nightlife in Bogotá is great for dance lovers who can head out for a night of Zumba or salsa in La Macarena. Bogotá’s cuisine is famous not only for its amazing taste but also for the whole experience provided by restaurants like Andrés Carne de Res.

The whole city gathers annually for the Bogotá Carnival in August to dance and enjoy music and life together with loved ones. Bogotá also holds regular Wine and Food festivals, Christmas fairs and music concerts, providing a great opportunity for people to socialize for all people: from the young to the elderly.

City of the future

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Home to many universities and higher education institutions, Bogotá has a great capacity to attract young talent and prepare professionals for the vibrant entrepreneurial scene of the city. Bogotá also has plans to expand and improve its infrastructure and connectivity. The Agora Convention Center, CAN City Project and Fenicia Triangle show that the city has great prospects for the future. As the city continues to receive foreign investment and support from both the private and public sectors, the forecast for the business scene of the city is encouraging. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Bogotá proved its resilience the capacity to foster innovation and to continue to adapt, making it a city of the future.

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